Saturday, 9 November 2019

Letters from Lapland - RevIew

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - AND I LOVE IT! I absolutely love Christmas! I think it is probably one of my favourite times of the year - being all warm and snuggled up on the sofa with my family, Christmas films, games and of course the magic in the children's excitement for Santa coming.

We were lucky enough the be sent 'Lapland Letters' for both children. I LOVE things like this as it encourages their excitement and so, the magic of Christmas begins.

With 'Lapland Letters' there are 6 different letter designs to choose from and personalise for your children. For Isabelle we chose the 'Lapland Elf' letter and for Oliver we chose the 'Keep believing' letter.
In the Lapland Elf letter, it shares detail of the Lapland's Elf 'Elfie' who Santa sends to observe and learn about the children around the world - you can then personalise the letter to specify the town in which you live, and the letter then talks about Elfie watching your child and their best friend playing and how well they play together. There is also an option to add a personalised message from Santa at the bottom, which makes the letter even more magical. While Isabelle is probably still a little too young to understand the full meaning of the letter, she recognises the names included and also the picture of Santa which she was so excited about. 

Oliver's letter is a letter sent from Santa worried that Oliver is losing his belief in Santa. I chose this one as Oliver over the past few years is questioning the realness of Santa more and more, and although I don't begrudge Oliver knowing the truth, I do think it's sad for children to lose the magic of Christmas. Again, this letter is personalised fully to your child including town, best friend and what you left out for the reindeer last year. The letter explains how not all things need to be seen to be believed which I think is a very nice touch. It asks the child to never stop believing in Santa, as he will never stop believing in them - again, a very nice touch and heart warming to any child like Oliver who has self doubt. 

Included with the letter you receive Santa's secret map which you can use to follow Santa's journey around the world and comes in a Lapland stamped envelope for that realistic feel for the children. 

When purchasing your letters there are many optional extras you can add on, such as the Santa Bumper activity pack for £2.95. This includes a 'Santa Stop Here' poster, a good child certificate, Lapland wishing stars, an activity Christmas card and thank you Santa postcard and Activity Santa sheets. 

Overall, we all love these letters. I know some people don't like the concept of Santa as they see it as lying to their children - I just see it as encouraging imagination and the belief in magic. It also encourages and rewards good behaviour so I definitely don't see anything wrong with that 😂.
Letters from Santa are definitely a MUST on my Christmas list, and these ones from 'Lapland Letters' are stunningly presented and beautifully worded - definitely my favourites.

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