Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Sundown Adventureland

We went to.. Sundown Adventureland!

The world of social media has been so kind to us, and more so recently as we were fortunate enough to be gifted a day out to Sundown Adventureland.
Sundown is an amusement park for under 10's where their dreams and imaginations come to life with yodelling goats, rocky mountain railroads and a castle which smells of sweets. 
Although this day out was gifted - the review is of our own opinion.

We arrived at the park just after 12, so our first stop was for a bite to eat at Honey's Pumpkin Patch Café. Sundown has a food and hygiene rating of 5 - so you can be assured the food you are eating is prepared in the best possible environment. The café has a lovely little indoor play area for restless children while they wait for their food and also has an under 5's outdoor play area too - which Isabelle love, she wolfed down her chicken nuggets as so was so anxious to get outside and swing around with the monkeys and spin around with the bears. 

(literally ramming her food in as quick as she could so she could go play & the happiest little girlie on the monkey swings)

Our next stop was at the 'Sundown Market' - Isabelle loved all the animals especially inside the musical pet shop.. it was brilliant watching her dance along and watch all the animals singing with her eyes so wide from amazement.

Once we could drag her away from the animals we headed towards Shotgun city where you're transported back in time to the Wild, Wild West. Both kids loved this area - Oliver loved the bank robbery hut where you can make a massive explosion and the shotgun range (obviously not real guns 😂); Isabelle's favourite was the 'Rocky Mountain Rail Road', she was so excited to be going on a train and kept shouting "choo-choo" and waving to the riders who were going and returning on the ride whilst we were queuing. 

We then went to Lollipoppet castle... and it really does smell of sweets! different rooms have different aromas and Oliver loved the oversized sweets (I think he wished they were real; as did I 😂). Once you exit the castle there's a lovely little seating area where you can sit down and enjoy a drink and/or some treats - we didn't have any but the doughnuts smelt delicious!!

The next themed area we went to was Toy Town - again, both kids loved this area! it comprised of different buildings you would expect to see in any ordinary town... but child sized!! 
(The fire station at Toy Town and Isabelle's happy face in one of the little 'shops')

These are just the first few areas we attended and already the kids were in love with the amusement park - I could probably waffle on forever about each individual area as they were all as good as each other from story book corner where your favourite fairy tales come to life to the angry bird play area where you can bounce, swing, climb and Jump around to your hearts content - they are all as wonderful as the next. 

Isabelle's absolute favourite thing about Sundown was most definitely the bears. Honey and Sunny bear (the parks mascots) have a strong presence throughout and Isabelle absolutely adored them.
Oliver's favourite was the 'Jolly Pirate Barrel Ride' - he giggled so much that me and Ste got absolutely soaked 😂 and quite frankly it was nice to see him enjoy himself so much without the use of a phone or games console. 

Overall, we all thoroughly enjoyed Sundown Adventure land, the queue rides were always short so the kids weren't getting bored.. the longest queue was for 'Robin Hoods' Merry Adventure', which I think was just a little over 5 minutes - I feel this would be easily remedied as this is one of the longer rides that more than one train could be put on. 
The only downfall I could find was that it was hard to find sheltered areas - we went on one of the hottest days and finding a shaded area was difficult - but, it is definitely worth a visit, even Ste enjoyed the day out and he is one male who is hard to please 😂

Our ratings for the day out are below:
Claire: 9.5/10 
Ste: 9/10 - Ste added its a great experience for kids.
Oli: 10/10
Isabelle: 10/10 - she really didn't want to leave. 

To find out more details please visit: Sundown Adventureland
Or quick link to book tickets online at a discounted price: BOOK TICKETS NOW!!

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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Aldi - Baby Event August 19

Aldi - Baby Event August 19

Ok, so most mums I know LOVE when supermarkets have their baby events on, and the one I usually hear most about is Aldi. There is always something amazing! Even without their events - you can usually drop on some brilliant deals, for example, I managed to get Isabelle a Peppa Pig electronic Bubble Mower for £4.99 - BARGAIN!!!

I was so lucky this year to be sent some products prior to their baby even launching this year to review..
So, I received:
  • Toy workbench which includes three tools and six accessories (aged 10 - 36 months)
  • Toy ball drop castle (aged 10 - 36 months)
  • Shape sorter (aged 9 - 36 months)
  • Lacura 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo in 'berry-licious strawberry' and 'Tropical Mango'
  • Mamia wipes - I'm already an avid buyer of these wipes - I find them more moist than others we have used which makes it cleaner and easier for wiping bums. 
  • 2 packs of baby vests
  • Dinosaur toddler duvet
  • Bamboo bowl

First of all, the shampoos smell absolutely divine! my favourite is the berry-licious strawberry, it has a really strong scent compared to the mango (my husband prefers this one) - but Isabelles hair smells absolutely gorgeous after we use the berry one and the smell lasts for quite some time!

Isabelle loves all the toys she received, she loves using the hammer on the work bench.. I think she likes it as its something she can bash and not get told 'no' 😂. She cheats when it comes to the shape sorter - if she cant identify which shape goes in each hole immediately she just lifts the lid and puts it in followed by a cheer.. she knows she's a cheeky madam. But her favourite has to be the ball drop castle... she loves dropping the ball in and watching it shoot out of the bottom.

There are so many wonderful products to get in this baby and toddler special buys event - I'm so excited by it.. an example of a few of the things which will be available are:
  • 'new baby' gift hamper - £39.99 Exclusively online - This will make a perfect gift for any baby showers or for any new mum. It will be available in three designs: woodland animal, bunny rabbit, and dinosaur & lion, it includes the essentials new parents need during those first precious months.... and will be over £15 cheaper than Aldi's closest online competitor.
  • Moses basket with stand - £29.99
  • Baby milestone blanket - £9.99
  • Colour changing silicone animal night light - £6.99 (I am definitely going to purchase one of these for Isabelle, she adores animals and comes in a bear, rabbit or cat design)
  • Breast pump - £4.99 which can be paired with 40-pack milk storage bags - £4.99
  • Baby and toddler pyjamas - both priced at £3.99
  • Aldis nursery furniture is also back by popular demand and available exclusively online.

You will also find all the daily essentials in store, including the popular toddler reign backpacks, toys, muslin clothes, dinner sets and Aldis bumper offer on their award winning wipes is back with 768 wipes costing just £5.59 (that works out at less than 1p per wipe!!)

Aldis baby and toddler event will be available online from Sunday 11th August 2019 and in store from Thursday 15th August - make sure you go check it out online and in your local Aldi to drop on some bargains!! 

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