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The Big Mummy Blog Share: September - Birth Stories

The Big Mummy Blog Share..
September - Birth Stories 

As part of The Big Mummy Blog Share this week I am featuring a fellow mummy blogger!

Meet Natalie West from Its a Westy Thing. She is a mummy blogger from Surrey.

Family Photo

How many children do you have?


A little girl Elle who is 4 and Laurie who is 2

Did you write a birth plan?

I had a rough idea with both but when it came to my 2nd I knew how realistic a plan was!

What type of birth did you plan/envision?

I would have loved a water birth but it just didn’t work out like that!!

Did you have a natural birth or caesarean section?

Post Birth

Natural Birth

Unplanned home birth!

Did you have any pain relief?

Nothing! I didn’t really have a chance too! I used Yoga and lots of breathing techniques to help me!

Tell us a little bit about the lead up to your birth

With my 2nd Laurie i was already a week late, i woke up and thought my waters had gone. I got into the bath to relax while my husband sorted our daughter. All of a sudden i felt myself loosing control of the pain, which last time didn’t happen until the moment I pushed with my 1st. I struggled to get out of the bath and actually ended up being on all fours on my bathroom floor.

Tell us about the moment you gave birth

Home Birth

It was all very quick, i had called Carl and told him i was going to push, he was in such shock and couldn’t really believe me, he was incredible and caught the baby as he came out. It was scary being at home with no medical assistance but also so incredible. Laurie had the cord around his neck and my husbands voice changed. He untied it eventually and kept rubbing his back while we called an ambulance.

I remember Carl passing him underneath me and saying “its a boy”

My daughter ran in from the other room and said “ah mummy my baby”

It was a magical moment

How did you find your recovery?

I was really lucky with Laurie i didn’t have any stitches and apart from the shock I just got on with it! Especially already having a 2 year old!

Is there anything you would do differently?

I would have had a planned home birth!!!

To hear more about my unplanned home delivery and my birth with my daughter here are some links.

My inbox on instagram is always open for any questions or just pop to say hey!

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