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So, before I start 'blogging' I thought it would be better to introduce myself and my family.. I'm a mum of two, Oliver James  and Isabelle Rose and work as an Office Manager for a small business who provide domiciliary care.


Oliver was born in March 2009, I was 19 when I fell pregnant with him and had just turned 20 when he was born.  Being a young mum was such a daunting experience but luckily I had the support from my parents where the support from Oliver's dad fell short.. I was engaged to Oliver's dad but as soon as he was born I soon realised that the relationship wasn't going to work out and things ended when Oliver was approximately 3-4 months old.  My relationship with Oliver's dad has always been sour since then and became used to being Oliver sole support.
When Oliver was in nursery, we noticed subtle differences between him and the other children but being a mum you never want to acknowledge anything is 'odd' about your own child.. It wasn't until he moved up a few years and a few comments from different teachers here and there that I actually willingly admitted to myself there was something different about him and went to the GP's where we got a referral to CAMHS and we found out he was somewhere on the autism spectrum (High functioning Asperger Syndrome)… I will cover more of Oliver's struggles in a different post.


Isabelle was born September 2017 - there's 8 and half year between Oliver and Isabelle which I think is definitely a blessing - how do mum's cope with close age gaps between their children?! Obviously when I split up from Oliver's dad having another child was completely off the cards for me, until I met my now husband, Ste, who I married in 2015.
I didn't have the easiest of pregnancies with Isabelle, I had to be consultant led and had my dreams of giving birth in a relaxing environment of a midwife led unit taken from me and then her birth felt like my body was being torn limb from limb - but we made it, she's here and she is my little angel... most importantly, she has been a god send with stabilising and focusing Oliver, which again, I will talk about more in a different post.

I've seen so many wonderful blogs that have given me the inspiration to set up my own - there's so many different stories and I thought I would share mine, so if anyone has any comments of what I sort of posts they would like to see, please feel free to point me in that direction.

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