Tuesday, 14 July 2020

YUMI - Gummies Review


Hair skin & Nails - Gummies Review

Being a mum is hard - its so easy to forget to look after yourself, never mind with an added bashing from post-natal hormones!
When I had Isabelle, my hair was falling out by the handful and my skin was horrendous... I hated myself for how I looked, it may be vain but in order to feel good about myself I need to feel like I'm not a bald spotty mess 😂

When Yumi said they wanted to work together for me to review their gummies I was over the moon, may be they would be the miracle cure I needed.
I was sent the Vitamin C & E and Biotin gummies which are directed for hair, skin and nails - all three areas which would help me to start and feel better about myself.

The first thing to note from the gummies is the taste! WOW! They are so yummy! They came in 'berries' flavour and I cannot express how good they actually tasted... Just like a sweet - Unlike other supplements and vitamins I've tried the taste alone is enough to make you remember to take them.
The tub contained 60 gummies and following the recommended advice of two gummies per day will last a 30 day period (a months supply) and only cost £14.99.

After the first week and half I noted my nail growth had definitely improved, and thick too! I've never had thick nails before and they felt so healthy and didn't bend and break if anything touched them.
Another couple of days and I noticed my skin condition was improving too, not looking as dull and it seemed like my spots were clearing up - Super impressed!!
By the end of my 30 days taking the gummies there was such a notable difference in my skin - the majority of my spots had cleared up and I was starting to feel more like my old self again - They haven't cleared up 100%, but definitely a hell of a lot better.

My nails have stayed strong and continue to grow well and my hair feels stronger and thicker and is no longer falling out in clumps (my shower drain has never been as happy!!). I was genuinely gutted when I ran out of these gummies so will definitely be getting myself some more - they also have such a big variety of different gummies all targeted for different things so I'm looking forwards to getting myself some others to try and try to be a better, healthier me.

Buy Yumi Gummies here - and use my affiliate code to get a discount from your order: MEANDMINE15

Disclaimer: while the products reviewed in this post were gifted, all views and opinions are my own.


  1. These sound good. Will give them a try when I get paid

    1. definitely do, dont forget to use the code above for a discount and let me know how you find them x

  2. These sound like they’re really working for you! It’s good to actually see that it is as I never know these days.

    1. Definitely, its hard to judge what really does help and what doesn't which is why I added the before and after picture.. id usually keep them hidden away 😂


YUMI - Gummies Review

YUMI Hair skin & Nails - Gummies Review Being a mum is hard - its so easy to forget to look after yourself, never mind with an ad...

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