Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Social Media Influencers...

Social Media Influencers

Ok, so over the past few months I've heard so many comments regarding influencers... and BARELY ANY are positive!!
I don't know if it's because I'm involved with being a social media influencer on Isabelle's Instagram account but I seem to be hearing derogatory comments constantly. 

"Influencers are toxic"
"They just do it for the freebies!"
"All they do is message small businesses"
"I hate seeing #ad or #gifted!"

Now I for one know that the messaging small business part - particularly with the social circles of 'Influencers' I have been involved in - is not true and quite frequently, brands/PR agencies message first. Nor are they toxic or just do it for the freebies. If someone does do that - They're clearly in it for the wrong reasons and this will start to show on their grid...

Of course you are free to have your own opinion but, do you know how much hard work goes in behind the scenes?! 

I don't do it on Isabelle's account full time, but it is actually really hard work - its not a case of getting free items, taking a picture and slapping it on social media. For most it can be a full-time job - working on your engagement rates, getting the perfect shot, perfect pre-sets, the right time to post on your grid/stories for the best engagement with the post, creating good relationships with brands and PR agencies, following ASA guidelines regarding influencer marketing (which can lead to a hefty fine if not done).... the list goes on.

I will put a link the ASA guidelines at the bottom where you can read them too, but if anyone is advertising a product/day out etc. they MUST be clear with their audience and put ad/gifted or both... I know a lot of people 'hate' seeing this - but just be aware these are legal guidelines so they have to be there. 

If you are a small business and don't have the budget for paid advertisement, a lot of 'influencers' will work on a gifted basis - this means they don't expect payment for advertising gifted products on their social media pages/blogs. Bigger businesses also realise the fantastic impact the social media influencers have, so often opt to work with micro-influencers on both paid and gifted basis' and often have influencer programmes which anyone can sign up to.

We're not all terrible monsters lurking behind the screen ready to 'snatch the freebies' - I promise 😂

I'd love to hear your opinions, whether negative or positive.. Who are your favourite influencers / bloggers? I'd love to see and share some love and some positivity for a change!

ASA Guidelines

Some of my favourite mummy influencers/bloggers (who work their butts off) are:
Midlands Mummy
Sommer and Cade
Mama Phillips Official
Motherhood Madhouse
Chelsea Fullbrook
There's so many more that I love, but these are the few that always spring to mind when I need some inspiration ❤

Monday, 8 July 2019

Petit-Fernand Labels Review


Starting nursery can be daunting for any child and parent, but I was lucky enough that Petit-Fernand kindly sent Isabelle their nursery pack of labels (as well as a personalised cup) so at least that was one less stress - she wouldn't lose anything!

The label pack is full customisable, giving you the options to have different backgrounds, label image, font and colours so you can easily find what would best suit you and your little one. 
The nursery label pack contains literally labels for everything you can think of and they're machine/tumble dryer resistant:
  • 20 Stick-on labels
  • 30 iron-on labels (with one line of text)
  • 10 iron-on labels (with two lines of text)
  • 30 item stickers with one line of text (perfect for lunch boxes and bottles)
  • 20 item stickers with two lines of text
  • 10 shoe labels 
The process for customising your labels is very transparent and gives you a preview of each choice selection and has so many different varieties to chose from, as below:
Once ordered the product has such a speedy dispatch time, within 48 hours of ordering I received confirmation that my order had been processed and my products where on route - how brilliant is that?! The labels and cup arrived a couple of days after that and I love them!
All the labels are so easy to apply to clothing and other items. I've used some of the item stickers for her cups which she takes to nursery and pretty much every item of clothing she takes to nursery has been labelled. 

What has impressed me the most is how hard wearing these labels actually are, especially the shoe labels... I've left this blog a couple of weeks since I received the product so I could provide an accurate review of how long they last and they're all as good as new - I thought the shoe labels might have shown a bit more wear and tear with shoes being taken on and off numerous times throughout the day and sweaty feet from walking/running around... but they're still perfect!!
I also left the blog a couple of weeks so I could wash her clothes a few times and see how they held up on the clothing... but again with the shoes, they look perfect with no signs of lifting. 
Overall I am highly impressed with these labels!!!! They are very hard wearing and super cute! we highly recommend and when Isabelle moves up different clothing sizes we will definitely be purchasing some more and use them throughout all her school years! 

Be sure to go check them out at: Petit-Fernand 

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