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Lollipop baby camera - Review

Lollipop Smart baby camera – review.

Getting the right monitor for you can be quite a task. As I have severe anxiety with Isabelle, being in her own room was such a daunting thought for me.
I was so thankful when Lollipop said they wanted to send out a baby camera for us, I thought I could trial it and if I didn’t like it I could always trial a different brand, but I honestly love it. Although Lollipop gifted us this baby camera, the review below is of my own thoughts and opinions.

The Lollipop baby camera comes in lovely pastel colours, ‘Cotton Candy’ (pink), ‘Pistachio’ (Yellow) and Turquoise (of the images I’ve seen it’s a lovely shade of blue). With Isabelle’s room being pinks and greys we opted for the Cotton Candy.

When it arrived, I couldn’t get over how well presented it was! The packaging was simply beautiful, this definitely got my hopes up for the product – if so much thought and effort can go into the packaging, the product must be just as wonderful!
Being a bit of a technophobe I had concerns that the baby camera would be difficult to set up and manage on the app on my phone – But I was very wrong, the instructions which came in the box were very clear that even someone like me would have no difficulty at all with the set up.
It comes with everything you will need to easily mount the camera to a wall or your little ones’ cot.  As Isabelle will be going into her room in a bed rather than a cot, we opted for the wall mounted option which has worked out perfectly as it also gives us a full view of her bedroom as well as a perfect view of her in bed.

Once the app is installed onto your phone you can begin to use your camera immediately and the baby camera links to your phone’s app via Wi-Fi. My instant reaction was pure amazement – how on earth was the picture so clear? It is fab!! The night vision on the camera is also second to none. Over the next few days we noticed even more wonderful little things about the lollipop baby camera – such as the crying detection feature… it can actually distinguish between your baby crying or just making gurgles/babbles.

As the Lollipop is viewable via their app, I find comfort in the knowledge that if ever for some unforeseen circumstance I wasn’t home at night, I can still check up on her and receive alerts if she wakes or cries. The app can be on more than one phone too, so my husband can also download and check in if ever he’s not home which is perfect. (You can also talk through the camera and play music too to help settle baby if you aren’t there).

There is also an option to have a wall sensor in addition which will send the Lollipop information about the room such as its temperature etc. We don’t have this, but I can imagine it is really useful to some parents, especially in cooler or warmer climates than West Yorkshire.

My favourite things about the Lollipop camera:
1.   The camera offers smart data – it highlights any events.
2.   Ease of set up/installation
3.   The crying detection feature
4.   The Clear image and ability to view when I’m not home.
5.   It actually looks nice!
6.   The app is brilliant, and more than one user can access it.
7.   Two-way Communication.

Now, the things I don’t love about the Lollipop camera:
1.   I had to lower the noise sensitivity on the camera, It would tell me the environment in Isabelle’s room was too noisy whenever myself or my husband were leaving/returning home in our cars. (Although they do both have aftermarket exhausts on which are louder).
2.   This one isn’t the cameras fault – but our Wi-Fi at home isn’t the greatest so the camera can sometimes have a delay, however not by much – usually only about 1 second at most.

Overall, we LOVE the Lollipop baby camera and would highly recommend it to all my friends and family – This camera has definitely eased my anxiety and does everything you would expect from a video baby monitor and more!

You can purchase the Lollipop Baby camera via Amazon which offers a speedy delivery service here: Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor - Amazon

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