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Disney on Ice - 100 Years of magic

Disney on Ice
100 years of magic - Review

I can remember when my mum took me when I was a little girl and it is truly a magical experience. All of your favourite characters dancing on the ice in front of your own eyes, it was like a dream come true for little Claire... I must add, I am an avid Disney fan, even as an adult I don't think there's anything as magical as Disney, so when I was gifted tickets from Disney on Ice's PR company for the Sheffield event I was ecstatic to say the least. With the title '100 years of magic', my expectations of the show were high. On the run up to the date I was like a giddy child on the run up to Christmas and the morning of the date was just like Christmas Day 😆.

As soon as Mickey and Minnie skated onto the ice to commence the show the audience were all cheering and clapping (all obviously as excited as I was), Isabelle grasped both mine and Ste's arms in excitement and was shouting excitedly that the Mouse was there.. she cant quite grasp their names properly as of yet. Feeling the energy and excitement pulse through the air in the arena was magical enough on its own even before the show got into full swing

The show was as breath-taking watching it in adult hood as it was watching it in my childhood years and actually filled me with overwhelming emotion seeing how captivated the children were watching it too. From the classic Mickey and Minnie, to the newer Ana and Elsa from Frozen - I couldn't fault what was being presented by the amazing Disney on Ice team and the skating was flawless - for those who love Dancing on ice (even if they don't like Disney) I would recommend going as it is amazing to watch their skills and talent gliding across the ice. 

On a whole, I definitely think I preferred the first half to the second half as the latter devotes most of its time to Frozen, which, as much as I love the songs, Frozen isn't one of my favourites of Disney - but that's just personal preference. However, that being said it did feature Aladdin, Toy Story and ended with an all time favourite - Lion King.

I was quite disappointed there was no presence of Moana, but looking at the amount of amazing Disney films there are, they must be hard pushed to select which ones they are going to present - I mean, how on earth do you pick?!! There are so many amazing choices. 
When someone asks which is your favourite Disney film I'm sure not just one title springs to mind - I have dozens and cannot possibly pick a definite favourite. 

As we have done with previous events/days out we have attended, we have rated Disney on ice out of 10:
Claire: 10/10!! - I loved it and could watch it over and over again!
Ste: 9/10 - He marked it down as it seemed a bit rushed and would have liked them to spend more time on the classics.
Oliver: 10/10 - Oliver loved it and loved how talented the ice skaters was, especially the speed they could get up to.
Isabelle 10/10 - I have given it this rating on behalf of Isabelle purely by the look on her face while watching. it captured her attention throughout and that is a hard task!
We would all definitely recommend going to watch Disney on Ice, its an experience everyone would thoroughly enjoy.

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