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Talisa Jewellery - Review

Talisa Jewellery - Review

"Personalized jewellery is a deep and meaningful way to express love and also to tell a story." is one of my favourite bits of text when looking through Talisa 'About us' section on their website, it's this statement which has stuck by me and when I knew I wanted to work with a brand who values family as much as I do. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Talisa and was sent a beautiful necklace which featured the birthstones of my two children, whenever I am wearing it and they aren't with me, I feel closer to them. 
Talisa's website features many beautiful pieces, from necklaces to bracelets and earrings - they even have a men's section. I  opted for the Enchanted rain lariat necklace in sterling silver. What I found extremely useful is that they list have a drop down menu with all the different birthstones and months - it saved me a lot of googling as I wouldn't have had a clue. 
Once order was confirmed, the necklace was delivered a lot quicker than I expected, with it being personalised I expected it to take a good couple of week but was delivered within a two week time scale which I thought was brilliant.
The packaging was also very beautiful. I always think that a brand who takes their time to create such beautiful packaging/boxes for their products provide top notch products and I wasn't disappointed.
The necklace is STUNNING! 
 I think I'm quite lucky that both my children's' birthstones are shades of blue as they just compliment each other so perfectly. I also tend to wear a lot of black with not much colour so the necklace absolutely just pops when I'm wearing it. 
It is definitely a statement piece. Beautiful. Each time I have worn it I've received so many compliments - which for someone like me who struggles with confidence it is amazing to hear. 
Many of the collections and pieces from Talisa can be personalised in a number of ways and can be mixed and matched to create one of a kind pieces telling your unique story. Take pride in the creative involvement you put into designing your custom pieces and share it with the world.
If I was to ever recommend a jeweller to my friends / family - it would definitely be Talisa .

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